The Serbian American Chamber of Commerce of Houston is a private, non-profit membership organization, founded in 2007 to develop business growth and economic relations between Serbia and the USA. Priority is given to the promotion of economic, business and commercial ties in the southern US regions. Connecting some of the most influential enterprises and institutions in USA and Serbia, SACCH is a powerful agent of change in economic and cultural development.

The Serbian American Chamber of Commerce (SACCH) of Houston is a networking organization that promotes and facilitates transfer of information to its members including:

• Promotion of the trade of goods and services between, and access to the information on the economy and business environment to, companies in the United States and the Republic of Serbia in order to encourage local and international investment.

• Creation of a forum and representative body for businesses within the two countries.

• Cooperation with various U.S. and Serbian governmental, economic, diplomatic and consular agencies, and other associations in the two countries that pursue similar goals.

• Facilitation of the interaction between the members in order to foster excellent Serbian-American business relations within the two countries.

• To promote, improve and facilitate academic, cultural and social relations between the United States and the Republic of Serbia.

• To represent mutual interests of the members and take actions to further their interests.

• To foster good corporate citizenship to benefit the communities in which the members do business.

• To promote and foster a networking environment among its members for the purposes of business information and contact exchange.

In all its activities the Organization shall be non-partisan and non-sectarian, and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, age, sex, marital or handicap status.

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